We are specialised in Research

With our team of experts we have been able to undertake a number of research projects from social to political and financial matters at hand. We pride ourselves with a team of experts in Research from a diversity of research backgrounds.

Our key Research Areas

Macro-Economic Policy Analysis

PADRI provides government with expert advice and assistance in the formulation of economic policy particularly in relation to macroeconomic conditions, forecasting, public finances, industrial strategy and the Sub-Saharan Africa's fiscal surveillance.

Macro-Economic, Poverty and Welfare Analysis

At PADRI we use of microeconometric techniques to uncover the micro dynamics behind macro shocks. We examine the measurement of social welfare, poverty and inequality taking into account features that have been found to be important welfare determinants in behavioural economics. These are differences between standard poverty and inequality measures based

Monitoring, Learning and Impact Evaluation

Under Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation (MLE), We do continuous management function to assess if progress is made in achieving expected results, to spot bottlenecks in implementation and to highlight whether there are any unintended effects (positive or negative) from an investment plan, programme or project (“project/plan”).

Economics of Health, Climatic Change, Social Sector Analysis

In responding to the health challenges of climate change,we survey, health policies and resource allocations needed to understand the resource consequences of their decisions. This is done to avail and strengthen economic evidence for policy makers to draw on in making health policy decisions.

Some of our recent Publications

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Macro-Economics Policy Tools

Macro-Economics Policy Analysis

Our Partners

The relationship between a Field Interviewer and A Respondent is the key to success; at PADRI we cherish partnership and we proud ourselves with the best partners in applied research fields.